CHACRA KAIKEN LODGE is our family project, an

exquisite place surrounded by ancient poplars, fruit trees and berry bushes, an urban oasis that bears in mind a traveller's tranquility

A long trajectory in Patagonian tourism as the former owners of renowned Estancia Telken authorizes us to grant tourists from all over the world a secluded, intimate site.

We, who designed the lodge bearing in mind the serenity and comfort our guests require, attend on them personally focusing on an interesting interchange.

Since the beginning of the 20th century Estancia Telken belonged to the family of Wilma Joan, better known locally as " Petty ". Her father was New Zealand born Jack " Jumbo " Campbell Clark, her mother Maggie Macdonald, born in Camarones, Chubut, of Scottish descent.

In 1953 Petty married Reynaldo " Coco " Nauta, of Dutch parents, who worked for Shell oil company in Comodoro Rivadavia.

Following unfair treatment by said company Coco resigned his job and worked for Philips in Buenos Aires during 10 years, after which, in 1964,he took over the management of Estancia Telken.

This 50.000 acre sheep and horse breeding estancia also became a guest ranch after the Hudson Volcano erupted in 1991, covering all the land with ash and killing 7000 sheep and a whole generation of lambs.




In time Telken became a founding member of " Estancias de Santa Cruz, Patagonia ", an association of Santa Cruz farms catering to tourists.

After 16 years of receiving tourists on the estancia, an activity which , through many happy moments shared at the dinner table with guests of all types and nationalities, brought them the gift of many friends, Coco and Petty, by then quite " long in the tooth, decided to sell Telken in April 2008.

Since 1974 they had owned a 25 acre farmlet on the outskirts of the town of Perito Moreno, called " Kaiken." Patagonians at heart, they built a home there, and later on, missing their tourist activities, they decided to start up a small lodge there as well, which in the hands of genial Juan Prieto who designed and built it ,clearly reflects the traditions of the almost hundred year old experience of a Patagonian farming family. This gives their guests the possibility of staying in a place that is like "living in the country, but in a town ".