46º35´96" S - 70º56´17" O - (H Yrigoyen 2012 (Z9040) Perito Moreno Santa Cruz)

You can load the address or coordinates in your GPS in order to arrive correctly at our gate.

Visualize our location on the city plan, where you will also find useful information, such as banks- service stations- the tourist information centre- the bus terminal etc. You can find the maps in PDF.


* If you arrive from Chile via the Pto. Ibañez ( Chile) - Ingeniero Palavicini (Arg) International Pass, the airport, or the bus terminal ( Route 45 )


* If you arrive from Bariloche, Esquel, Rio Mayo ( Route 40 North ) or Comodoro Rivadavia, Las Heras ( Route 43 East )


* If you arrive from Calafate, El Chaltén, Bajo Caracoles, Cueva de las Manos ( Route 40 South )


* If you arrive from Chile via the Jeinimeni International Pass, through Chile Chico - Los Antiguos ( Arg. ) ( Route 43 West )




Chile Chico - Los Antiguos: 63 Km

Pto. Ibañez - Palaviccini: 121 Km

Paso Roballos: 183 Km